This page contains information for new members of the Lebanon Composite Squadron. If you are not yet a member, you can read more about us or visit us at one of our meetings for more information on the organization.

This page contains information for:

  1. All members
  2. Cadets only
  3. Seniors only

For All Members

Welcome to Lebanon Composite Squadron. The following information and links will help you get the most out of your membership in this organization.


This web site is continually updated with news, upcoming events, and links to related sites. When you join the squadron, you will receive an e-mail account and be added to the squadron mailing lists to receive notification of special events and other squadron information. Parents are welcome to join the cadets mailing list as well. Details on accessing your e-mail account and the mailing lists are available on our e-mail section.

For NH wing information, sign up for the wing mailing list. Other useful information is available on our links page.

Since communication goes both ways, as a subscriber to the mailing lists above you will not only receive messages from other members of the squadron or wing, but can send your own messages as well. When doing so, please keep your messages concise and avoid attaching large files as not everyone has a high speed connection. Please note that per PDFCAPR 110-1, you must identify yourself with name and, as applicable, CAP rank or CAP position of employment in all e-mail communication.

If you have news or photos you would like to share publicly, please send them to Capt. Rangi Keen to post on this web site.

Note that for security reasons, we do not post contact information for squadron members on this web site. You can find e-mail addresses and phone numbers for anyone in the squadron through e-Services (see the next section).

Member Information

Once you receive your membership packet you'll be able to create an e-Services account. With an e-Services account you'll be able to update your contact information and view contact information for other members of the squadron. In addition, e-Services is the place you enter and viewing emergency services training and pilot currency information. You'll also find a number of links to useful resources on the left hand navigation section.

To sign up for e-Services, go to the e-Services site and follow the instructions above the sign in box for first time users.


As a new cadet in the Lebanon Composite Squadron you'll be assigned to a flight where you will be introduced to the other cadet members, your flight commander and the cadet commander. They will provide you with all the information you need to be successful in Civil Air Patrol and can answer any questions you may have (or can direct you to someone who can).


You will need two styles of Air Force uniforms: blues and BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform). See the meetings page for details on which uniform to wear for each meeting. See PDFCAPM 39-1 for information on how to wear each uniform including the placement of patches, ribbons, and grade insignia.


Your blues uniform will be ordered during your basic training. This will include slacks, shirt, and flight cap. It will not include black shoes, socks, or a v-neck undershirt. These are your responsibility to obtain.

In addition, you will need a flight cap device, CAP cutouts, a wing patch, and a name plate for your uniform. These items will be issued to you by your flight commander.


The squadron will issue you a set of BDUs during your basic training. This will include pants, blouse, and cap (if available). It will not include black boots or black t-shirt. These are your responsibility to obtain. The squadron has a limited supply of black boots that may fit and we also have black t-shirts for sale ($5.00 each) with the squadron patch and name screen printed on the front. Any black shirt with round neck is acceptable, but the squadron shirt is the cool way to go. The Fox Hole in West Lebanon is a good local source for BDU uniform supplies including boots and caps if the squadron does not have your sizes.

In addition, you will need a wing patch, cloth CAP cutout, a cloth Civil Air Patrol tape, and a cloth name tape for your uniform. These items will be issued to you by your flight commander.

Senior Members

The first thing you'll do as a new senior member is to complete the Level I training course. During this training you will be exposed to the history of CAP and familiarize yourself with the general policies and procedures.

Visit the Level I page on the national site to begin the training.


Senior members are not required to wear uniforms but are encouraged to do so. During your Level I training you'll be introduced to the different uniform options and where each is typically worn. See PDFCAPM 39-1 for complete details on the uniforms approved for wear by senior members.


If you are a pilot, find out how to become a CAP pilot.

More Information

National has a program called Great Start that is designed to help new members get up and running successfully in the squadron.